FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

 FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

FullStory announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling brands and teams worldwide to create more perfect digital products, websites, and apps.

Organizations can now easily purchase FullStory’s DXI platform to reduce friction and deal with the “unknown unknowns” that cause customers to become frustrated thanks to the worldwide reach of Google Cloud Marketplace. The distinctive code-free implementation and tag-free auto-capture of FullStory demand little development effort and guarantee a quick time to value. With the help of FullStory, teams from various organizations can unite around a digital source of truth and collaborate to arrive at faster, better decisions.

Additionally, businesses have access to FullStory’s broad and useful data and insights across the whole family of Google Cloud products, allowing enhancements to the customer journey that promote revenue development. With Google Optimize, Google Analytics, and Google BigQuery integrated into FullStory’s privacy-first platform, users can access the most comprehensive set of digital experience and analytics data while maintaining their privacy.

“Everyone deserves an excellent digital experience,”
“Our partnership with Google Cloud makes it easier for companies worldwide to easily access robust DXI data to power their digital programs and strategic transformation initiatives.”
Will Schnabel, FullStory’s SVP of Partnerships.
“Other data analytics tools are insightful and effective, but require us to know what we want to measure in advance. FullStory combines quantitative and qualitative data in real-time to help us answer the questions we didn’t know we had. Their integration with Google Cloud allows us to further synthesize and visualize FullStory’s DXI data to drive additional value for TataNeu on both web and mobile.”
TataNeu. Arnab Ganguly, Head of Digital.
“FullStory’s DXI platform combines rich analytics, robust session detail, and collaboration tools to help answer critical questions, understand issues, and uncover new opportunities,”
“With FullStory available on Google Cloud Marketplace, more brands around the globe can create digital products and experiences that delight organizations and ultimately drive business growth.”
Dai Vu, managing director, Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs.

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