AtData Adds Quality Score to Its Suite of Email Address Intelligence Solutions

 AtData Adds Quality Score to Its Suite of Email Address Intelligence Solutions

AtData, the leading provider of email address intelligence, today announced the release of the AtData Quality Score to help organizations better segment and qualify their customer databases. Based on machine learning, the AtData Quality Score can improve email campaign engagement, deliverability, response and conversions by enabling organizations to identify which subscribers most closely align to its best customers.

The AtData Quality Score analyzes an organization’s top customers using billions of open, click and web activity signals combined with demographics, purchase behavior and spend propensity from hundreds of sources. This approach goes beyond traditional recency, frequency and monetary models allowing publishers to rank the emails most likely to open and click on content. In addition, retailers can segment the email addresses most likely to make a purchase, and non-profits can target the subscribers most likely to donate.

“Not only do marketers need to understand which email addresses are dead or high risk but they also need to identify which emails are most valuable. With the addition of the Quality Score, AtData now covers the full range of email dispositions from bad to good,” said Tom Burke, AtData CEO. “Knowing that ‘quality’ is in the eye of the beholder, we’ve built a machine learning model to interpret the score the same way our customers do, tapping into their first-party data to accelerate campaign performance and marketing results/ROI.”

Combined with AtData’s email address intelligence solutions, which connect the dots between an email address and the individual, the Quality Score helps identify high value email addresses enabling companies to confidently segment those more likely to engage across digital channels. This results in improved activation and segmentation as emails with varying scores can be targeted, messaged and analyzed differently. The Quality Score helps businesses get to know the individual associated with the email address better and target highly engaged emails to improve delivery and response rates across channels.

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