2023 SEO Predictions: How ChatGPT is Changing the Game

As we move into 2023, ChatGPT is ubiquitous and big questions are being raised about the impact of ChatGPT and AI in general on our lives. Marketing professionals have their own questions, and those in

4 ways to tailor your event marketing strategy to ensure

Maximizing sponsorship amounts and increasing visibility should be pressing priorities for brands when creating an event marketing strategy. But responding to the unexpected should also be a priority – maybe even the most important. While

14 Ways Your Small Business Can Attract B2B Clients

Ever feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle to close a sale? You’re not alone. One of the primary marketing goals of small business owners is to attract and retain customers, which is a frequent

Marketing strategies for customer retention and growth during a recession

With the economy on the brink of recession, now is the time for businesses to adjust their marketing strategies to focus more on retaining and growing existing customers. As companies are looking to manage their


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Thumzup Advertiser Testimonial with Company Overview

Thumzup Media Corporation (Thumzup) is democratizing the multi-billion dollar social media branding and marketing industry. Its flagship product, the Thumzup platform, utilizes a robust programmatic advertiser dashboard coupled with a consumer-facing App to enable individuals to get paid cash for posting about participating advertisers on the major social media outlets

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IKEA partners with Social Native to enhance the customer experience

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, produces over 200,000 content assets globally through their in-house production agency, but needed a cost-efficient way to source content, at scale, and is market relevant at a regional level. IKEA partnered with Social Native to source organic content shared by their customers and connect

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Digital Turbine for Brands & Agencies – Unlocking Awareness &

DT Reach uses an unmatched in-app and on-device scale with award-winning creativity to exceed your branding and awareness goals. With the DT Reach product suite, mobile is more than a channel, it’s a success story built on sight, sound, and motion.

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Introducing Alation Connected Sheets

This sheet just got real. 😜 Introducing Alation Connected Sheets, where business users can easily find, understand, and use trusted data from spreadsheets with confidence. With Alation’s acquisition of, Alation Connected Sheets enables business users to pull trusted, governed, and up-to-date data from data sources into spreadsheets, including Google


How Employee Satisfaction Will Help Your Brand, Your Business and

Customer satisfaction and customer centricity have moved up on the agenda for most companies. It has become clear that a company should not produce to sell but to satisfy the needs of customers and potential


The Evolution: Performance to Growth Marketing

For years, marketers have relied on traditional performance marketing tactics to expand their customer base, grow market share, and increase revenue. This has been a pretty effective strategy over the last decade, and many brands


Precision Demand Generation: Create Meaningful Connections With Your Buyer

Companies today have gone digital overnight. Buyers are using the full range of channels to make decisions quickly. Marketers are struggling to keep up. Today, 70% of B2B buyers say they’re strongly considering switching from


Become an Experience-Led Business with an Agile CX Tech Stack

Most marketing leaders know they need a modern CX tech stack to delight customers and grow their business. But building a functional and flexible CX tech stack that’s right for your business can feel like



B2B Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

2020 will go down in history as a year beset with uncertainty, fear and apprehension. Despite all these, the business world grinds on, thriving insistently despite obvious challenges as the world ushers in a new era marked with rapid changes. As the B2B market expects sales to reach figures of


Content Marketing Trends in 2020

The year 2020 is highly anticipated as a very exciting year for Content Marketing! Businesses, brands, agencies, and digital marketers are looking forward to Content Marketing trends in 2020 and find out how these trends can help their marketing efforts evolve into a whole new strategic level. There’s no doubt


Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

The rate of technology is evolving in this digitally interconnected world. It is highly fast-paced that businesses who could not keep up will get left behind by those who do. Even target customers – either consumers or other businesses – are way ahead in terms of knowledge and familiarity with