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Playground xyz’s New Actionable Attention Solution on YouTube Makes It Easy For Brands to PinPoint Efficiency Hurdles and Drive Attention

Attention measurement and optimization provider Playground xyz Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) announced its actionable attention solution on YouTube, as well as unveiling new insights on how advertisers can garner the most attention for their YouTube ad campaigns. “Optimization is the key to driving attention and campaign effectiveness. With actionable attention Read More

Cyntexa Partners with iContact to Revolutionize Email Marketing for Businesses

Cyntexa, a renowned Salesforce consulting firm, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with iContact, a powerful email marketing platform that is fully integrated with Salesforce. This exciting partnership aims to revolutionize email marketing for businesses, empowering them with cutting-edge tools to improve customer engagement, drive better results. and achieved Read More

Stackline announces Universal Stores, ecommerce landing pages enabled with the industry’s first cross-platform attribution and first-party data collection technology

Stackline, the leader in full-channel connected commerce, announces the launch of Universal Stores. This multi-commerce storefront technology enables brands to maximize conversions and drive sales across all major retail touchpoints. The solution drives purchases across retail sites, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, and brands can integrate with their direct-to-consumer (Read More

2023 SEO Predictions: How ChatGPT is Changing the Game

As we move into 2023, ChatGPT is ubiquitous and big questions are being raised about the impact of ChatGPT and AI in general on our lives. Marketing professionals have their own questions, and those in the SEO and content space who are on the front lines will be impacted for the Read More

SunGod & Commerce Layer to Make Composable Shopping Experiences

Commerce Layer, an e-commerce software provider that enables brands and retailers to sell through any digital channel globally, today announced that it is partnering with SunGod, the UK’s leading performance glasses, to create innovative new digital shopping experiences across its global eyewear business. SunGod realized that their aspirations for Read More