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Five reasons why you should implement SEO

Are you struggling to get your business noticed? Does your website have a high bounce rate? Maybe it’s time to implement an SEO strategy. WHAT IS SEO? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practise of raising a website’s position in search results. This can be accomplished using Read More

New SEO Strategies: 3 Steps To Perfect SEO Content Creation

Are you forward-thinking in your approach to search marketing? When was the last time you updated your content strategy? With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, your SEO tactics must continue to evolve. Search engines are known to reward websites that publish high-quality content consistently. Gone are the days when businesses could Read More

5 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Your Startup

Managing your business effectively online is just as crucial as running the business itself. Your startup will gain an advantage over its rivals by using SEO. Digital marketing is thriving in the modern world, as evidenced by the fact that you are reading this on the internet rather than in Read More

How You Can Boost SEO

Don’t be intimidated! SEO is not an uncrackable algorithm. Andrew & Emily talks with two pros who explain better methods for website format (headers, bullets, and blogs!). Bonus: How/Why to research your competitors. Listen, learn and love!Read More

7 Tips to Optimize Your Product Pages for SEO

When it comes to product pages on your website, search engine optimization is actually a big deal. Ready to see a lift in your product page traffic? In this video, John Lincoln SEO expert outlines the perfect SEO framework for your product pages. 8 tips to optimize your product pages for Read More

SEO Issues with Renaming Entities

Discussing a few SEO issues you can encounter with renaming your business, podcast, serialized creative work, or organization. When you rename your “entity”, Google needs to connect the information it has about it to other evidence on the web. When you rename something, and Google cannot “connect the dots” it Read More