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Three Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

Broken third-party cookies. Even if Google chooses to delay cookie pocolypse, one thing is for sure: brands need to rethink how they connect with their audiences. Don’t let data discontinuation fool you! As Forrester noted, “there’s a lot of Chicken Little going on for an announcement that really Read More

4 methods to increase client loyalty in the visual economy

Consumers are switching brands more than ever. In fact, McKinsey found that an unprecedented 36% of consumers surveyed have tried a new product brand in the face of economic pressures, store closures, and shifting priorities, and 73% are incorporating these new brands into their shopping habits. These new buying behaviors put new Read More

Analytic Partners Reveals Brand Messaging Will Win the Most Customers in 2023

Analytic Partners, the leader in commercial mix analytics, has released its latest ROI Genome Insight Report, “The Marketer’s Guide to Survive (Even Thrive) in 2023”, which offers guidance to marketers to prepare for shifting market conditions and capitalize on opportunities to optimize brand performance in 2023. According to Analytic Partners’ analyses Read More

3 Biggest MarTech Mistakes to Avoid

Marketers today use a variety of marketing technologies, apps, and online tools to optimize their marketing processes. From automating routine and repetitive tasks to expanding marketing operations, martech serves a variety of uses, and the right martech stack will vary for each business depending on the purpose. goals and future Read More

Introducing Alation Connected Sheets

This sheet just got real. 😜 Introducing Alation Connected Sheets, where business users can easily find, understand, and use trusted data from spreadsheets with confidence. With Alation’s acquisition of Kloud.io., Alation Connected Sheets enables business users to pull trusted, governed, and up-to-date data from data sources into spreadsheets, including Read More

Alation Brings Trusted Data to Spreadsheet Users with Alation Connected Sheets

Alation Inc., the leader in enterprise data intelligence, announced the launch of Alation Connected Sheets, a new product stemming from the company’s acquisition of Kloud.io. Alation Connected Sheets enables business users to pull trusted, governed, and up-to-date data from data sources into spreadsheets, including Google Sheets and Microsoft Read More

The Chatbot Is Dead: It’s Time to Modernize Your Online Experience

Thu, Dec 1, 2022 · 11:30 PM  |  IST (GMT +5:30) Businesses know they need an engaging, scalable way to connect with leads and customers. That’s why they’ve invested big bucks in marketing automation tools, chatbots, and other technologies to automate outreach and handle high volumes of contacts. This webinar examines old and new Read More

iion launches ‘immersiion’ – the First Advertising Platform, Purpose-Built To Reach Audience Segments Across All Gaming Environments

iion, the global adtech company that’s redefining monetization and advertising for gaming, today debuts immersiion, a first-of-its-kind self-serve advertising platform that’s purpose-built for the gaming ecosystem. With its time-saving campaign builder, immersiion is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences in any gaming environment at scale. Immersion Read More

Putting in the Work: Understanding B2B Audiences on Connected TV

Tue, Dec 13, 2022 · 11:30 PM |  IST (GMT +5:30) Your B2B audience is full of avid TV watchers. In the days of linear television, it was nearly impossible (and very expensive) to target them accurately, which meant the TV screen was virtually off-limits for B2B marketers. Now, Connected TV has entered the Read More