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6 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your CRM With Good Email Marketing

 6 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your CRM With Good Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way. It is one of the most efficient ways to prove your brand’s effectiveness. However, customer relationship management is extremely crucial as well for your brand.

CRM email marketing is a new trend that is helping to leverage brand authenticity. The right marketing tools integrated with CRM can help turn visitors into buyers. 

Why are email and CRM crucial for marketers?

Email marketing is still one of the most relevant forms of marketing. Although many people say that social media marketing will take over email marketing, there are hardly any chances. According to Statista, there will be around 3.9 billion email users globally. 

With the software industry growing, there is a huge demand for email marketers. Marketers should consider integrating email marketing and CRM. It helps to add value to the product. It will also help in conveying your message to the right audience. 

The main purpose of CTM is to enhance business customer relationships. Building a strong relationship with customers is the key to achieving positive results. Moreover, it helps get all information about leads, potential customers, their most searched products, and their preferences. 

How to get the best of email marketing with CRM? 

According to Forbes, 40% of people send an email daily. With the growing importance of email marketing, businesses should look out for new trends. CRM integration can be of great help in generating better results. 

Having customer data integrated with CRM can therefore bear positive results.  Here are some of the prominent ways to make the best of email marketing with CRM:

1. Keep updating customer information

Customer information needs to be updated regularly on CRM. This helps to reduce time and the need to do repetitive tasks. With everything becoming automated, updating customer information can be of great help.

Moreover, when email marketing is integrated with CRM, the automation will allow to send emails and promotions and boost marketing efforts. As a result, it helps to record the entire sales cycle.

2. Automation

Small and medium-sized businesses are considering automation to receive positive results. CRM integration will allow the automation of tasks. It helps to ensure every task is completed easily without manual intervention.

Automation helps to increase employee productivity. With CRM, email marketing businesses can automate numerous tasks such as drip campaigns, task alerts, lead scoring, etc.

3. Mass emailing

One of the most prominent ways to make the most of email marketing with CRM is to send mass emails. Businesses of all sizes often need to send bulk emails. This may look easy, but copy-pasting the mail body and individually sending it to the customers can be time-consuming. This can also increase the risk of making errors.

CRM with email marketing will help to make mass emailing easier. Since every detail of the customer will be stored in the software, the business can just send the email to its customers at once.

4. Automate the campaigns

Drip campaigns with automated responses can help to get positive results for the business. Every business wants its emails to be sent to the right customer. It should follow particular triggers.

CRM and email marketing go hand-in-hand. When all information is available on the software, managing drip campaigns becomes easier. Businesses no longer need to worry about order updates or cart abandonment notifications. CRM will analyze the information and send the email accordingly.

5. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing refers to the process of improving and developing relationships with customers. While interacting with the customers, there is a sales funnel. Businesses must develop a positive relationship with the customer across each funnel.

CRM and email marketing can help to automate the process. CRM segments every piece of information that allows emails to be sent in an order. This helps to save time and money for businesses.

6. Analytics and Testing

Marketing trends are changing every day. Having a CRM-enabled email marketing platform is therefore highly crucial for businesses. It helps to stay up-to-date with every information.

CRM will help to test and analyze every piece of information. As a result, businesses can gather relevant data and understand how successful a particular campaign has been.

The analytics feature of CRM will allow the marketers to check how many clicks the particular email has received. To increase the email open rate, it is advisable to customize and personalize the subject line. According to the Yes Lifecycle report, emails with a personalized subject line have 50% higher open rate chances. Therefore, it is crucial to check the data and then proceed to gather results.

Various CRMs in today’s time are providing email marketing benefits. Before integrating any software or tool with the business, it is crucial to know the business’s end goal. If you know your goal and target audience, the chances of business success eventually increase. Contact optimization with CRM can help to bear positive results in email marketing.

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