BigCommerce Advances Enterprise Platform with Launch of BOPIS to Drive Merchant Growth

 BigCommerce Advances Enterprise Platform with Launch of BOPIS to Drive Merchant Growth

BigCommerce, a leading open SaaS e-commerce platform for rapidly growing B2C and B2B brands, today announced the launch of Online Store Purchase (BOPIS), also known as BigCommerce. Click & Collect, giving sellers more options to meet shoppers where they are and delivering a frictionless shopping experience.

After exploding during the COVID-19 pandemic, BOPIS continues to grow and become an important tool for sellers with online and physical stores to provide a seamless experience between them. In the United States, BOPIS is expected to continue to grow at about 10% annually and exceed $131 billion by 2026, according to eMarketer. The rate of growth is similar in the UK, where Click & Collect is on track to surpass $40 billion by 2026.

“To stay competitive and grow, brands need to meet their customers where they are and make it easy for them to purchase and pick up their items,”
“With this latest evolution of our omnichannel offering, BigCommerce makes it easy for merchants to offer BOPIS to their customers and coordinate orders and inventories across branded sites, social, search, marketplace and brick-and-mortar channels – all through the BigCommerce platform.”
Meghan Stabler, senior vice president of marketing at BigCommerce.

Shoppers are increasingly looking for flexible order fulfillment options, including a growing segment of shoppers who don’t want to wait for delivery or want to avoid shipping costs by opting for in-store pickup. increase.

BigCommerce’s new BOPIS offer includes a new and updated set of APIs that give merchants the tools to create a personalized BOPIS/Click & Collect experience tailored to buyer preferences and integrated into their overall order fulfillment strategy. BOPIS is now available as an inventory feature on many websites for business sellers looking to create the personalized experience their customers are looking for.

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