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Intent Data vs Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Understanding the Difference

In the world of marketing, two effective strategies have emerged to help companies effectively coordinate their efforts. Intent data and account-based marketing (ABM). Both approaches are aimed at driving business growth, but they work differently and offer unique benefits. Let’s explore the difference between intent data and his ABM. Read More

Intuit Mailchimp Launches More Than 150 New and Updated Features

Intuit Mailchimp, the world leader in email marketing and automation*, has announced the launch of more than 150 new and updated features on its platform to help marketers spend less time in creating emails, emails and reports, to speed up their e-commerce development and to make it more convenient. donate. Some Read More

Roku and Best Buy Announce New Advertising & Retail Relationship

Roku, the #1 streaming TV platform in the US, Canada and Mexico, and Best Buy, the leading consumer technology retailer in the United States, announced the first go-to-market relationship in its advertising and retail businesses. For the first time, Best Buy has partnered with a TV streaming platform to provide first-party Read More

Colling Media Expands in the E-Commerce Space in 2023

Colling Media, one of Arizona’s fastest-growing advertising agencies, continues to expand into e-commerce in 2023 to generate revenue for its retail clients. To achieve better results, the agency leverages Meta Advantage + Shopping, Google Shopping and Amazon Seller, expanding customer engagement in the digital marketplace. “As we have pushed the envelope Read More