The Importance Of Using Conversational AI In Marketing

 The Importance Of Using Conversational AI In Marketing

Conversational AI-powered chatbots help businesses scale their social media efforts of the organizations by answering customer queries, delivering personalized content, and automating customer outreach.

A business’s relationships with its clients on a personal level are crucial. The effectiveness of these discussions or interactions influences how the client views the company and if they are inclined to return. Only via seamless, faultless, and direct interactions can such brand loyalty be attained. Businesses are getting significant help from tools like conversational AI platforms in achieving this goal.

Why Are Traditional Customer Service Teams Not Enough?

Until a few years back, it was the work of customer service agents to handle all queries and problems. This meant: Overburdened agents who were working long hours under tremendous pressure. long wait times for the customers, making them mad and frustrated.

Both situations being undesirable were not helping either party. Problems and concerns were also not showing signs of abating. Instead, they were piling up, and the number of calls and text communications was only increasing steadily. Hence, things had to change. The solution was obvious – Automation. When there is automation, machines are involved. But the challenge was deciphering how to train the machines to mimic human interactions. This is where AI or Artificial Intelligence came into play. The union of automation with AI lead to the evolution of “Conversational AI.”

What Is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is an AI-powered technology that allows machines (in this case, computers) to mimic (through text or voice) human conversational skills and interact with humans. Communication is so life-like that a live person can’t know whether they are talking to a computer or a company representative.

What Is Conversational AI in Marketing?

Simply put, conversational marketing is that area of marketing that talks to the customers or consumers. It is an automated way to engage with them. These exchanges can occur through chatbots, voice assistants, or live chat. These capabilities can be placed on websites, social media handles paid advertising, and also in physical stores and connected home devices like Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Importance Of Using Conversational AI In Marketing

Now that you know what conversational AI is and what it means in terms of marketing, let us learn about the importance of using conversational AI in Marketing.

Helps Overcome The Drawbacks Of Traditional Marketing – Traditional marketing is perceived as very intrusive. So much so that seeing ads while browsing on Facebook or receiving random promotional calls leads to negative thoughts about that company or brand. People start thinking of them as a menace. Customers feel that nothing is personal, and the companies are clamoring over each other to spy on or listen to what they want. Maybe what they want is just privacy.

Conversational AI is not intrusive. Marketing using this medium happens only when there is a two-way engagement. If customers decide not to interact, they are not continuously bombarded with calls, messages, emails, etc. There is no “Chase the customer” here.

Improving Customer Experience And Satisfaction – Enabling customers and leads to initiate a conversation with the business instantly and at will increases customer engagement. It also improves the customer experience because now they don’t have to fill out lengthy forms. The conversations are fluid, in-context, and instantaneous. When the outreach and engagement increase, it becomes easier for a business to quickly get to the heart of matters and take decisive actions. This could be a game changer in converting leads to customers. Overall, the impact of conversational AI in marketing is positive and ushers enhanced customer satisfaction.

Aids In Personalization – The key to successful marketing is personalization. Conversational AI is a powerful tool that allows brands to deliver appropriate responses while taking into account the previous interactions that may have occurred. Traditionally, the customer service agent would have gone back and forth checking and rechecking old conversations, and sometimes they may have overlooked them entirely, causing even more grievances. But now, using conversational AI in marketing, the brand is always aware of precisely what is happening with each customer. They tailor the responses accordingly, along with any other services and offerings. In a nutshell, it means nourishing healthy personal relationships with the customers and increasing loyalty.

Personalized Interactions Make For Valuable Insights – An informal chat is sometimes more valuable in gaining insights than filling out forms or answering questionnaires. A customer who willingly initiates engagements with a brand will voluntarily offer key bits of information during the interaction. The analysis of these dialogues gives businesses much-needed insights and a deeper understanding of the drives and desires of the customer. In turn, all the data helps organizations tailor their products to meet the demands of the consumers.

Improving Business Efficiency – Conversational AI positively impacts a brand’s marketing strategy and campaigns. For this reason, precisely, small and big businesses are now making the use of conversational AI mainstream. Companies used to think of it as optional, but it has now become a crucial part. Keeping this fact in mind, incorporating or integrating a conversational AI platform with the marketing team will push the marketing efforts and campaigns towards better results. This improves business efficiency and motivates the teams to meet and exceed expectations.

Important Is To Use Conversational AI in Marketing Correctly

Without new customers, a business will grow stagnant. After a while, even the existing customers will start getting bored and looking for better experiences. Therefore, conversational AI must be leveraged in marketing correctly. When that happens, you will see more leads converting into customers, an increase in sales, brand loyalty, and so much more. When you have so much to gain by embracing conversational AI, it would indeed be foolish to deny its importance.

The Crux

Conversational marketing is an opportunity for a business to personalize customer interactions. The data thus generated will prove highly valuable in designing and targeting both existing and future customers. Also, its precision in executing tedious tasks time after time and reducing the workloads of customer service agents is undeniable. If you want your business to grow and deliver on customer expectations, the only option is to make use of the conversational AI platforms. If you have still not decided to jump on the bandwagon, here’s a small tidbit of information for you – statistics show conversational AI in marketing can increase the conversion rates by almost 40%.


The benefits of using artificial intelligence in your daily operations are endless. Conversational AI has undeniably become a crucial member of a company’s digital marketing team because it is now easily available to all enterprises. The technology is wholly focused on providing accuracy in carrying out some of the most time-consuming operations and providing pertinent search results to help users make smarter choices. Artificial intelligence is the way to go if you want to expand your brand or product and satisfy your customers’ expectations. You can speak with a reputable company that provides specialized digital marketing services to learn more about conversational AI.

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