Why Marketers Should Explore These 4 Emerging Tech Trends

 Why Marketers Should Explore These 4 Emerging Tech Trends

Digitalization has brought about a revolution in marketing. As a useful source of customer, competitor, and market data, the Internet is now essential for finding products and enabling sales. Online advertising technology tools are frequently and extensively used to improve sales and marketing campaigns as well as other strategic activities. As new and improved methods for market segmentation and customer targeting are developed, web-based methods and technology are becoming obsolete.

The world of small business currently involves a lot of marketing, and technology developments have an impact on the strategies that will connect with your target market the best. Producing more original content, providing virtual reality and data analytics, increasing social media marketing, etc., are essential themes to watch in 2022. Depending on your sector and area of work, you’ll need to carefully consider which trends will be most advantageous to you and which ones you should avoid. Therefore, marketers ought to research these cutting-edge technological trends.

While many marketing principles are constant over time, organizations’ tools for success in marketing have changed significantly. Advertising in newspapers used to be commonplace, but now artificial intelligence and digital advertising have become essential components of commercial marketing strategies. Marketers must monitor an increasing number of technical changes each year. Those that keep up with trends might potentially reach new marketing success heights.

Here are 4 trends that marketers should seize in 2022-

AI-driven campaigns

New campaign types such as Google’s Performance max and UAC campaigns have introduced a range of automated tools along with machine learning features which have reduced the manual tasks of marketers significantly. According to Google Ads, Performance Max combines Google’s automation technologies across bidding, budget optimization, audiences, creatives, attribution, and more. It allows you to maximize your campaigns and reach the correct audience with the help of AI especially when your brand is new since you might not know the kind of customers that might be interested in the beginning.  Such development in AI seems to be the future of digital marketing.

Virtual Spaces

Virtual reality technology developments will present new opportunities for marketers. Wearable technology like Google Glass or Virtual reality platform headsets, mobile phones, and computers may all be able to access virtual shopping locations or shopfronts. Marketers will be able to create a virtual store where their goods will be displayed in three dimensions, and customers will be more encouraged to make purchases. A good illustration of this is the online websites. As a result, customers will have the impression of being at the physical store through a computer screen. Lenskart has tried to incorporate such a technology where customers can try out different frames from the convenience of their homes.

Imagine being able to browse or shop in a grocery store or bookshop from the comfort of your home or place of business while experiencing the same sense of presence. This illusive technology will transform how companies continuously innovate and represent a marketing breakthrough, ultimately having a substantial impact on sales.

Micro-targeting and Finer Hyper Segmentation

Hyper-segmentation is one of the best audience targeting tactics and it opens up a lot of new chances. Marketers will have access to a wealth of information from search engines and social networking sites to more accurately target their niche clientele. The niche will consist of a certain group of customers in a given sector, within a defined demographic, and predisposed to a particular behavioural activity. New programme will automatically detect influencers and predict people’s future behaviours and attitudes using smart signals.

Additionally, it will identify potential clients for a business’s product or service or those who are more likely to purchase a product and provide a favorable review, rating, or feedback. The feature of this program will include identifying marketing targets across several dimensions and creating a bespoke segmentation model to match a product’s marketing issues. This data will support micro-targeting and hyper-segmentation, which can significantly impact increasing sales.

Automation Tools

Marketers will have a fantastic intelligence layer to sift through Big Data and derive insights thanks to marketing automation technologies. Furthermore, the development of predictive analysis technology will help digital marketers do what every salesman hopes to do, but on a much larger marketing scale. Marketing professionals can access the APIs of various platforms and retrieve real-time data on the metrics shown on the panels by using tools like Zoho and Appsflyer. Marketing will not just focus on developing campaigns and monitoring prospects’ behavioral activities. Future marketing platforms will provide suggestions at all significant client touchpoints. However, employing the automated tools of the future may provide some difficulties for marketers. The first is integration, where marketers must contend with the plethora of technology that adapts to their constantly shifting marketplace. The second will be prioritizing problems, which include identifying the most effective entry points to advance a firm.


The marketing industry is one of the most susceptible because it undergoes constant change. Missing out on the newest marketing trends puts business owners behind the curve and prevents them from gaining a competitive advantage, generating more leads, and attracting new customers. The way that managers plan, execute, and monitor campaigns is affected by new trends in marketing technology. You can more precisely define your target market, find a way to engage with a potential customer, and allocate advertising expenditures more efficiently by utilising new tools and perks.


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