Kantar Unveils Ad Avoidance Causes and Correlation between Viewer Experience and Purchase

 Kantar Unveils Ad Avoidance Causes and Correlation between Viewer Experience and Purchase

Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company and winner of AdExchanger’s 2022 Most Innovative TV Ad Technology Award, has announced the results of a groundbreaking study in partnership with Kantar, which found direct correlation between the attractiveness of an ad and its ability to generate positive performance. In the recently published white paper “Hack to the Future:

Understand viewer attitudes and preferences to overcome ad avoidance,” Kantar found that 86% of viewers take action to avoid television and video ads on television and network television, broadcast online and online video. In contrast, viewers were much more satisfied with the ads in Mirriad’s content and took no action to avoid the ad format in this app.

Research demonstrates that negative viewer perceptions of ad formats lead to lower ad performance and lower purchase activity. Viewers are so saturated with TV and video ads that they don’t like and avoid this format, and when they actually see the ad, they buy the advertised products and services at a fraction of the rate. lower than when viewing very favorable formats such as in Mirriad’s content ads.

“Viewers feel positive about Mirriad’s ad formats and that directly drives an incredible increase in purchase, among other key performance metrics. At a time when traditional advertisements are skipped, blocked, and creating fatigue, our study proves that in-content advertising as spearheaded by Mirriad is a smart choice for advertisers,”
Sparsh Pandya, Client Director at Kantar.

Favorable user experience produces better results:

Mirriad’s strong performance in achieving the best possible results is due to favorable viewer perception, especially due to the format’s natural feel (83%) and its non-intrusive nature ( 79%). Research shows that, on average, viewers who are satisfied with their ad experience are more likely to purchase an advertiser’s product, resulting in a 61% higher add-to-cart rate and 40% higher online purchases and 27% higher in-store purchases.

“Advertisers looking for ways to improve their performance on TV, CTV and video now have even more proof that in-content advertising is an indispensable new solution. Given the growing ad fatigue and the dramatic issue of ad escapism, in-content advertising is a format that is pivotal for brand equity and sales. In contrast to the traditional ad-break that today has a compounding negative effect, Mirriad operates with an experience-first solution in the content itself, maximizing a brand’s opportunity to leverage positive viewer perceptions to drive better results.”
Stephan Beringer, CEO at Mirriad.

A leader in virtual product placement and in-content advertising, Mirriad’s multi-patent, award-winning platform automatically inserts products and brands into TV, SVOD/AVOD, music content and and influencers. Miriad creates new revenue opportunities for content owners with an ad format that virtually integrates brands into entertainment content, driving exceptional performance for advertisers and dramatically improving the viewing experience. Miriad currently operates in the United States, Europe and India.

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