5 reasons why you want to start blogging today

 5 reasons why you want to start blogging today

blogging. One likes it, and you have to force the words out of the other. No matter how challenging or simple it is for you to write about your profession, you should keep doing it since it is incredibly interesting. Why? We give five explanations.

Reason 1: you present yourself as an authority

You need to be in terrific form to stand out among the sea of content on the web. Due to the large number of businesses offering the same good or service nowadays, you must show that you are an authority in your sector in a unique way. You can accomplish this by publishing several customer evaluations, but starting a blog is when you truly start to establish yourself as an authority.

In your blogs, you share valuable knowledge with the visitor and convince them that you are the specialist they are looking for. In addition, it also works for  Google. With many (good) blogs you show the search engine that their users find all the desired information on your website. Make good use of topic clusters, so smart internal linking. Because then you also strengthen the internal link profile of your most important pages and that is another reason for Google to have your content come back higher in the rankings.

Reason 2: you answer all frequently asked questions

By responding to all of the frequently asked questions in your blogs, you may simplify the job of your customer care. As a result, they are spared from repeatedly providing the same response on the phone. Additionally, it demonstrates to Google your mastery of the subject. good for your website’s visitors and for where you appear in search results.

Reason 3: You will be found on more organic search terms

You will also be found on that since you produce posts that are optimised for variations of the most crucial keyword (long-tail keywords, ed.). As a result, because you wrote a blog post about the newest keyword, you will not only be found on “SEO specialist” but also on “what does an SEO specialist do.” You get more visitors to your website when you appear for more organic search queries. And greater traffic increases the likelihood of additional conversions and earnings.

Reason 4: you get input from this for your social media expressions

Do you also want to do ‘something’ with social media, but you have no idea what to post? Get inspiration from your blogs. You can split an informative blog into multiple social media posts that you can link back to the original blog. As a result, you get more traffic to your website and you do not have to think long about the content of a social media post. So win-win situation.

Reason 5: you bring in visitors at every stage of the customer journey

An effective way to involve readers in your customer journey is by blogging. For instance, you can establish blogs for the See phase as well as blogs for customers you already have who you want to keep happy.

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