Partners With Audigent on Unique Curated Marketplace, Featuring 500+ Exclusive PMP Deals Partners With Audigent on Unique Curated Marketplace, Featuring 500+ Exclusive PMP Deals, the successful advertising platform for agencies, brands and media companies, and Audigent, the leading data identity, management and activation platform, have announced publicly available private market management (PMP) capabilities using Audigent’s new SimplePMP toolkit.

This includes a curated marketplace with over 500 unique contextual offers exclusive to the platform.

The partnership also provides over 1,000 Audigent PMP services instantly with, helping advertisers reach target audiences through screens, streaming video and connected TVs.

With new PMP services available, advertisers can now reach consumers in key verticals such as automotive, multicultural, holiday shopping, luxury, beauty, home & garden, and entertainment.

Integrations include Audigent’s ContextualPMPs™, built around a modern semantic stack, as well as CognitvePMPs™ using predictive data from partners such as Comscore and The Weather Company, an IBM company. Audigent PMPs provide’s advertiser customers immediate access to leading SSPs including Magnite, Xandr, Pubmatic and OpenX.

“Many advertisers have eagerly adopted curation within their programmatic buys, and we are witnessing an evolution of programmatic powered by the rapid adoption of curation,”
“We’re excited to work with to make our trusted SmartPMPs, Contextual and CognitivePMPs even more widely available to advertisers and agencies who rely on them for accurate, high-performance campaigns. We have also gone deeper with the team to bring unique deals to market that we believe will drive exceptional value and performance on the platform as well.”
Drew Stein, co-founder and CEO of Audigent.’s flagship advertising success platform enables advertisers to maximize the relevance of what they do, the connections made and results achieved across media buying solutions and workflows. Meanwhile, Audigent has revolutionized the way data is mined in programmatic markets.
Through the practice of optimization and supply-side data management, Audigent combines first- and third-party audiences with premium inventory through the private marketplace (PMP). With the hybrid solution, customers can understand data performance and optimize campaigns in these PMPs through key live metrics.

“The advertising landscape is constantly evolving, driven by innovative new technologies and players. At, we’re focused on enabling advertisers and agencies to perform more efficiently and effectively, and maximize ROI on their ad spend,”
“Audigent’s approach to curation is a significant innovation that has emerged over the past several years allowing advertisers to efficiently match premium audiences and inventory and optimize to specific KPIs. We’re thrilled to work with Audigent to accelerate the roadmap for what curation can do for advertisers.”
Jeff Callison, VP of Business Development of

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