Advanced Influencer Marketing Programs Deliver a 6.2x Greater YoY Increase in Annual Revenue

 Advanced Influencer Marketing Programs Deliver a 6.2x Greater YoY Increase in Annual Revenue

CreatorIQ, the end-to-end creator marketing platform that powers the efforts of over 1,000 brands and agencies, today announced the results of its “Unleashing the Power of Creators” report, demonstrating increased investment and ROI on influencer marketing. showed that there is a direct correlation between

Brands with the most sophisticated influencer marketing programs outperform their competitors with less sophisticated influencer marketing programs, according to a report by independent research firm Aberdeen Strategy & Research To do.

Influencer marketing leaders (defined as brands that rank in the top 20% of metrics such as impressions, engagement, conversions, and annual revenue from their influencer marketing efforts) perform poorly in annual improvement across all KPIs across all phases of the funnel. exceeded 80%. These influencer marketing executives saw:

  • 9.1x greater improvement in impressions
  • 8.2x greater improvement in engagement
  • 11.7x greater improvement in conversion rates

The study also recorded significant year-over-year increases in customer retention, brand sentiment, customer satisfaction, and average customer margins among 20% ​​of brands. top performance compared to competitors.

Perhaps most importantly, the growing influencer marketing efforts contributed to a 6.2-fold improvement in annual revenue over the same period last year, resulting in a return on founder spend. Generate (ROCS) is $4.7 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing programs. CreatorIQ is leading the development of the ROCS metric to help brands collectively measure the impact of creator-led marketing programs compared to traditional digital channels.

As a result, brands in the top 20% of influencer marketing spend said they plan to invest an average of 30% more in their influencer marketing programs in the future. While brands have increased their spend on digital advertising and creator marketing over the past year, the report shows that brands plan to increase their investment in creator marketing programs. at a rate 13% higher than digital advertising.

“The time to adopt and scale creator marketing efforts is now,”
“And the more advanced brands get with their influencer marketing efforts, the wider the gap they create between themselves and competitors across every KPI, including revenue. With investment in creator marketing solutions only increasing in the years ahead, brands lacking a solid strategy and solution will only get left further behind.”
Tim Sovay, Chief Business Development & Partnerships Officer at CreatorIQ.

Unleash the power of creators based on a survey of over 200 US and UK marketing executives in a variety of industries including beauty, consumer electronics/CPG, games, media/ entertainment, retail/fashion and food/beverage. Click here to download the full report for free.

This report is based on CreatorIQ’s brand and agency survey, in which 67% of marketers said they are increasing their investment in creators year over year, with 76% of these organizations moving money from creators to other marketing functions. This is largely due to advances in measurement solutions that have helped 94% of organizations understand and attribute sales to creator efforts.

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