SunGod & Commerce Layer to Make Composable Shopping Experiences

 SunGod & Commerce Layer to Make Composable Shopping Experiences

Commerce Layer, an e-commerce software provider that enables brands and retailers to sell through any digital channel globally, today announced that it is partnering with SunGod, the UK’s leading performance glasses, to create innovative new digital shopping experiences across its global eyewear business.

SunGod realized that their aspirations for international growth were severely limited, if not impossible, by its aging monolithic e-commerce platform. Prior to Commerce Layer, SunGod had to create and maintain a new website for each local market, while lacking customization opportunities, currency conversion fees, and slow site performance. SunGod’s partnership with Commerce Layer will enable the rapidly growing eyewear brand to capitalize on new market opportunities across current and future digital channels, while also with improved site speed.

“As SunGod continued to grow, especially outside of a single market, the challenges of working within a monolith grew too,”
“Working with Commerce Layer’s composable commerce platform has allowed SunGod to create customized shopping and checkout experiences while helping us expand to new markets with ease that we never thought was possible.”
Rob Watkiss, Chief Technology Officer of SunGod.

Commerce Layer’s composable, transactional application programming interface (API) allows for international scalability and design flexibility. With Commerce Layer, SunGod sees the following benefits:

  • Unlimited creative potential: Developers can build faster and are happier as a result – without the need to manage individual instances in each respective market.
  • Enhance and expand how it sells products internationally: Even with over half a million SKU combinations, SunGod can extend its business model to include drop shipment services and configure market-specific rules to create localized price lists and inventory strategies. This is all managed from a single instance and without currency conversion fees.
  • Zero-lag shopping experiences: Inventory availability is synced in real-time and pages load faster compared to monolithic e-commerce platforms.
  • Simplified stock structure: Despite hundreds of thousands of potential combinations, SunGod enjoys simple and easy 1-to-1 mapping of SKUs in its warehouse and in its e-commerce backend.
  • Complex product and stock structure made simple: Commerce Layer’s platform allows SunGod to model its complex stock structure closer to how the components of its eyewear are ordered and assembled.
“Modern-day commerce demands require much more flexibility than a monolithic architecture can accommodate,”
“Our platform is flexible, scalable, and extensible. With Commerce Layer, SunGod can focus on designing delightful shopping experiences and without being weighed down by the constraints of monolithic platforms.”
Filippo Conforti, CEO and co-founder of Commerce Layer.

SunGod has selected Commerce Class among the top e-commerce solutions. It will work with Commerce Layer partners including Stripe, DatoCMS, Twilio, Vercel, and Easypost.

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