LiveRamp Announces Identity Integration with AWS Entity Resolution to Increase Marketing Interoperability

 LiveRamp Announces Identity Integration with AWS Entity Resolution to Increase Marketing Interoperability

LiveRamp, the leader in data collaboration, today launched a new partner solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS Entity Solutions. LiveRamp’s core identity resolution features now support additional and native identifier types available in AWS Entity Resolution. With this integration, marketers, publishers, technology platforms and agencies can extend cloud data interoperability to marketing and advertising destinations using RampID™, Sustainable, customer-centric identity security from LiveRamp, connecting customers to the digital ecosystem and marketing technology.

Recently launched at AWS Summit New York, AWS Entity Solutions helps businesses easily match, link, and enhance related records across applications, channels, and data warehouses. Customers can get started in minutes with AWS’s easy-to-configure entity resolution pipeline that is flexible, scalable, and can connect seamlessly to their applications and data service providers . AWS Entity Solutions provides advanced matching techniques such as rule-based, machine learning (ML), and data service provider-driven matching to help customers align and enhance Improve records related to customer information, product codes or commercial data codes more accurately.

“The Washington Post delivers and fosters engagement around politics and culture. LiveRamp’s integration with AWS Entity Resolution is an exciting marketing enhancement that will enable us to bring experiences to our audiences in a data-driven way,”
“Enhancing the data solutions in our cloud environment is critical for us to better reach and engage our audiences and securely collaborate with partners.”
Josh Peters, Head of Global Commercial Data Strategy, Partnerships, and Governance at Washington Post.

LiveRamp’s advanced identity resolution solutions are designed to consolidate all common identifiers into one persistent, anonymous key available directly in the customer’s AWS cloud environment. By integrating these capabilities into AWS Entity Resolution, data and operations teams will benefit from a no-code solution to improve collaboration, activation, and media measurement while streamlining data operations in the cloud. LiveRamp also increases connectivity to the broader media landscape by providing the ability to connect individual and family audiences to hundreds of media destinations at enhanced scale.

RampID can accelerate critical marketing data processing operations using other native AWS services. It supports and enhances multi-channel media measurement in AWS Data Lake, media collaboration in AWS Cleanroom Collaboration, and artificial intelligence (AI) model development with Amazon SageMaker. RampID also helps brand marketers enrich their cloud data infrastructure by gaining more detailed insights about their customers.

“AWS Entity Resolution helps brands connect and enhance their customer records safely and efficiently with more precise results,”
“Now data teams can quickly scale their future-ready AWS marketing stack by integrating media analytics, AI, and partner data collaboration, enhanced by LiveRamp’s identity and connectivity in the cloud and beyond.”
Erin Boelkens, VP of Product, LiveRamp.

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