Firefly Launches Retargeting for Mobility-Based OOH

 Firefly Launches Retargeting for Mobility-Based OOH

Firefly, the nation’s fastest-growing mobile-based media company, announced the release of its OOH retargeting capability by partnering with Advertising Technology provider Connected Media, Blue Bites.

OOH, retargeting allows Firefly to resend messages to the mobile devices of users exposed to OOH (Digital Tops, Wraps, Experiential) executions to ultimately amplify the brand message in many other ways. together. These tactics can range from immediate retargeting, which can reach users within seconds of viewing an ad on their mobile device, to days later, within where users are reached in a cross-device/multichannel environment, essentially bridging the gap between the offline and online worlds.

“This capability further expands Firefly’s touchpoints with consumers, across all of their devices, allowing even higher engagement and performance,”
“Leveraging Blue Bite’s technology, Firefly can amplify any brand’s message by retargeting to users across any of their devices or platforms. We are now able to message users throughout the entirety of the consumer journey, not just when they’re moving about in their respective cities, and we can further reinforce that message, either immediately following exposure or a day or so later.”
Roey Franco, SVP of Product at Firefly.
“We’re excited to partner with Firefly to further bridge the physical and the digital,”
“With this partnership, we’re able to deliver more relevant and meaningful value and information to both consumers and brands through DOOH.”
Mikhail Damiani, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Blue Bite.

The introduction of OOH mobile retargeting follows Firefly’s October announcement of a new mobile-based audience planner. Including both products, along with their enhanced performance-based measurement capabilities, further strengthens their campaign lifecycle product suite.

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